THE saga story

SAGA Adelaide: WIFF is borne of SAGA: Stockholm International Film Festival.


SAGA Adelaide is a grassroots film festival that creates a platform for women and girls to tell their own stories, to shape their own narratives and to define themselves before they are defined by others.

If you consider that 93% of directors are male, then the question must surely be :

’Where are the women’s stories? What’s happened to them?’


Well, some of them are here, at SAGA Adelaide. Other than creating a great volunteering experience and building a community around film, SAGA Adelaide is about screening these films, telling these untold stories, in all their diversity and wonderfulness. 

SAGA Adelaide is a way for women to tell their own stories from their own world perspective. With women and girls behind the camera, SAGA Adelaide is a festival full of surprises - expect to see lots of unusual and interesting films!

FAQ: What does SAGA mean?
Saga is the nordic goddess of storytelling and history. What better name to represent a women's film festival?
Lady in Nature

In a nutshell, SAGA Adelaide is a defiantly culturally inclusive women's film festival based on the notion that the stories of women and girls matter.