In the Press



Channel 44

"With women and girls behind the camera, SAGA is the state’s only women’s film festival."


GLAM Adelaide

"Back for its second year, the SAGA International Women’s Film Festival is set to present some of the most diverse cinema seen on our screens."

< "I was absolutely blown away by the standard. Out of the nearly 100 films I viewed, only a handful didn’t really meet the bar. Of the rest, it was a difficult, but delightful matter, of choosing the best of the best.”>


Radio Adelaide

"Chief Administrator for the festival, Susan Cilento chats with Breakfast’s Zoe Kounadis & Tom Mann about the beginnings of the festival and why people are so passionate to get involved in this volunteer-driven event."




Play And Go Adelaide

"SAGA is a way for women to tell their own stories from their own world perspective."


Radio Adelaide

"This film festival gives female filmmakers the opportunity to shape their own narratives and define themselves before they are defined by others."


GLAM Adelaide

"With no entrance fee, no restriction on genre, and no restriction on length, entrants into the festival have been incredibly varied, including two-minute works, experimental, art, feature length and documentary."