Make History!
Volunteer at Adelaide's first international women's film festival.
To all the women, men and young people interested in things like film, community, diversity, inclusive culture and the power of storytelling: get in touch today!
​You are so welcome. Join us for a volunteer experience like no other.

Areas to work in:

Social Media: Maintaining Facebook and Instagram accounts

Design: Working to maintain the image of the festival through graphic design, artwork, website work

Event Management: Ensuring the festival itself and any other events run smoothly 

Women's Advocacy: Being part of a festival that proudly displays the voices of women often unheard through not only film but also art, music, spoken word, dance and more

Film: In 2018 and 2019, film volunteers captured the process of SAGA Adelaide. In 2020 we welcome new creative perspectives willing to record the event in ways such as: interviews, documentary, promotional spots etc. 

Community Engagement: Being an advocate for the festival in your community eg. university, workplace, neighbourhood.

If you have any other skills or areas of interest and have suggestions for how we could incorporate them into the festival, please get in touch! 

Contact Susan for volunteer enquiries:

SAGA Adelaide Volunteer callout poster